Stripper Wells
Stripper Wells

SURGITECH INC is an industry leader in innovative and “green” Enhanced Oil Recovery solutions.  While others focus on conventional hydrocarbon extraction techniques, SURGITECH INC. has identified multiple technologies that allow operators to inexpensively reach and produce the hard to get oil & gas.  When everyone else has given up, we go for the last drop!

Because well and reservoir revitalization requires engineered solutions rather than a single product, the SURGITECH team, fully evaluates each field before making recommendations.  Pre-job testing includes reviewing production histories, fluid compatibility testing and diagnosing factors that are inhibiting production such as paraffin, scale or ashphaltene plugging, condensate banking, water encroachment, ...  In most cases clients experience production increases that are many multiples of the pre-workover trends.  Our NanoSLICK product has the ability to reduce capillary pressure forces and prevent skin damage from building up in treated wells.


Green Chemicals

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